The Referral Program is a comprehensive benefit program, which among other things allows customers to enjoy the same great service at a discounted price. However; it goes beyond that. In fact, your membership in this program is a testament of our commitment to professionalism, accountability and integrity. Let me explain…

Unless otherwise communicated, referrals earned are distributed as laundry credits to offset the cost of future service. Once a laundry credit is issued, it must be used to offset the cost of future service. retains the right for any reason and any time, to payout unused laundry credits to members by way of PayPal or Zelle

Yes! this also means means, Referral Club Program members can elect to have their referral credits paid to them via PayPal or Zelle. Any such request should be included in an email to: providing the following information; which is retained from the Referral tab

Insterested in earning while you save?  Good we hoped you would be!

However, before you get to galloping off in seek of referrals, there are few really important things to keep in mind when doing so.

  • From’s perspective the Referral Club Program is a private benefit program. This means, while we offer no guarantee nor restrict any communication between members, to ensure an optimal experience for all program members, doesn’t share the identities of Referral Club Program members.  In short, we don’t tell who you referred or who referred you. 
  • In part, the subsequent section is why we don’t field inquiries about any aspect of this program by telephone.  All inquiries regarding this program are to be submitted to 
  • Your  Generated URL Link is valid for 14-days; which means if someone clicks your referral link and subsequently places an order within 14-days, you’ll receive credit for the referral.   That said, because the program is cookie based, if the person/organization you’re attempting to refer has chosen to block cookie tracking within their browser, you will not automatically receive credit for your referral(s).  Additionally, if the person/organization chooses to clear their cookies after clicking/tapping your referral link but prior to placing an order ‘or’ chooses to place the order from another browser, you will not automatically receive credit for your referral(s). (Those circumstances, don’t necessarily forfeit your referral credit(s), email for more information ) 
  • While we look forward to each of you pursuing the benefits of the Referral Club Program to its fullest potential; participation in the program is a revocable privilege. Therefore, in order to realize the benefits, you must adhere to the following procedures and restrictions. 
    • You CAN paste the Generated URL Link in emails, social media postings and many other  mediums which support hyperlink (link) technology. That said, you must abide by the various social media guidelines for sharing information and post.
    • You CAN including your Generated URL Link along with reviews, blog post and other on-line methods used to encourage people/organizations to begin relying on the laundry solutions.   
    • You CANNOT  paste the Generated URL Link to sites or within content, aimed at promoting or supporting adult sites, sites or content that display adult material or banners, sites or content that promote violence, hatred or bigotry, sites or content that promote or engage in illegal activity.
    • You CANNOT represent yourself nor can any of your content convey that you are an employee of or anyway affiliated with; beyond being a satisfied customer.
    • Don’t be a spammer. The previous statement means different things to different people, so we don’t attempt to describe it. Instead, it’s important to inform members that we programmed the Generated URL Link to be valid for 14-days, in order to allow your referrals time to return to the site, to ask many of the common pre-sale questions before placing an order. 
  • can decide to revoke your membership for any reason, including failing to adhere to the procedures and restrictions in the preceding paragraphs. 
  • By participating in this program; which means distributing your Generated URL Link in anyway, you’re agreeing that has the right to change referral credit methodology and amounts at any time for any reason ‘and’ that neither nor any of its Referral Club Program members are legally bound to issue or receive any referral credits. 

Lastly, for the many members who enjoy vigorously exercising this benefit; do so while being assured that the same commitment to professionalism, responsiveness and controls, which serves as the foundation for our laundry solutions, also serves to support the Referral Club Program and its members.

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