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  1. The corresponding minimum charge is authorized as part of placing the order. When placing the first order customers are enrolled as a general member. Log in credentials to be used for requesting future service and other correspondence is sent to the email address provide in the order form.
  2. Placing the order only assurses the resources to accomodate your order are abvailable for the dates and times requested.  When your order is confirmed the resources available to accommodate your request are allocated to doing so.
  3. The minimum charge is refundable for any order cancelled or changed 8 hours before the confirmed pick-up or delivery dates and times. If your pick-up or delivery is unsuccessful or an order is cancelled or changed after the 8 hour grace period, the minimum charge may be deemed a non-refundable fee, covering scenarios which prevent Greenerlaundry.com from picking up or delivering your laundry.
  4. Greenerlaundry.com reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason; wherein which the minimum charge will be refunded regardless of when the cancellation is processed.
  5. The total weight of your laundry  are billed at the rate applicable to the date, time and location of  your pickup request.
  6. When placing an order for the Residential Laundry & Linen Solution a customer can select to include DRY CLEANING.
  7. Adding Dry Cleaning to an order ‘can’ delay delivery.  If such a delay arises, as with other issue which may impact the Pickup/Drop-off Dates and Times requested, we will inform you of the next available drop-off Date and Time. The finalized Pickup/Drop-off Dates and Times will be included in the order confirmation emails sent you.  See “Dry Cleaning Rates” for per item pricing.
  8. Once laundry has been weighed and/or items counted, you’ll receive an invoice for the final cost; which will be billed to the card provided when placing the order.
  9. Request for Pick-up within 7 days of a prior orders Delivery date, may incur a $10.00 processing fee.


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