The 4-Step Process


The 4-step process is a more planned approach that we rely on when developing Comprehensive Linen Solutions.  Also grounded in the idea that our next service order is earned by our last, this product is suited for organizations who desire a written proposal.

  • Step: 1 The Discovery Session
    • After  filling out the below form,  you’ll be assigned a Solution Designer who will begin the process of determining exactly what’s needed. Much of the information will be obtained by way of filling out the below form; which includes an option to schedule a free on-site assessment.  The Solution Designer will reach out directly to confirm the on-site visit date and/or to gather any additional information which may be needed.
  • Step: 2 Linen Allocation and Equipment
    • Based on the information gathered through discovery, we’ll determine whether  we need to provide an additional inventory of linens, laundry totes, bags, baskets or other miscellaneous equipment.
  • Step: 3 Pick-Up and Drop-Off Schedule.
    • We’ll work with your organization and/or your building management to determine the appropriate process for entry and exit.
  • Step: 4 Technical Proposal.
    • Based on the information gathered in the first 3 steps, we’ll put together a technical proposal outlining pricing, laundering techniques, quality checkpoints, a process for dealing with foreign or damaged items, and a Pick-Up and Drop-Off schedule.

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