Thanks for requesting the Residential Laundry Solution, we look forward to rectifying your laundry problem!

You’ll receive an email shortly which will confirm the below schedule and provide further instructions on how to prepare for your pickup. For now, you should do and keep the following in mind: 

  1. First, sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling of knowing your laundry is just about done.
  2. You should include in a separate bag, any items that you’d like dry cleaned “or” items that you would like us to apply special attention to.  In that bag, include a note indicating DRY CLEANING and/or your other desired specifications.
  3. Know the minimum charge as well as any tip included within the order details displayed below, is but an authorization.  This transaction will be released when the final cost of service along with your tip is calculated and charged.
  4. Last, it’s a good idea to become familiar with your account and/or checkout the  additional billing procedures and cancellation policy .

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