Pet Lovers Laundry

Pets, fun and their fur. You can’t live without em’ thus you must live with them...

Those of us who are in the know, understand it to be a healthy compromise, that we at aim to make evermore endearing.

That said there are number of really good reasons for why you should rely on our proprietary techniques for thoroughly cleaning your laundry; as well as your pet’s beddings, blankets, cushing covers and any other washable item you and your furry companion may come in contact with.

We clean & sanitize pet….

Beds            Blankets          Clothing        Cushing          Toys        

Couch Pillow Covers      &      More

If they chew, lay or rub against it we clean it!

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So what does the Science Say?

The scientific and hygiene community suggest these items should be washed no less than once a week, with detergent and chlorine bleach. That’s a really good idea! However, it may be a little Microphobic. Instead, we suggest these items undergo our proprietary laundering techniques no less than every time you need your own laundry washed (at least every other week). And while as you can imagine some pet linen require firmer cleaning techniques and detergents, when a regular laundering schedule is maintained, thoroughly cleaned laundry can be achieved with agents more ecologically responsible than chlorine bleach.

Our $25.00 laundry solution.  is grounded in the idea that our next service order is earned by our last. This fuel for our “Double E” philosophy is what allows us to ensure the the appropriate attention is given to you and your pet’s linen without the hassle of subscriptions or contracts.

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By simply selecting when you want us to pick-up and  deliver you and your pet’s laundry. Then sit back, relax and let us do our thing!

To learn more about the process, visit the FAQS page.


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