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#1…How does it work?

Step 1) Use the Service Area Checker to see if we provide service in your area. The tool is displayed in numerous locations throughout the site, including at the end of this answer.

Step 2) Once you’ve verified that we cover your area, tap the “Schedule Now” button and use the intuitive on-line booking tool to select your desired Pick-Up Date and Time and corresponding Delivery Date and Time. On this page you will tell us if you desire scented or non-scented cleaning, if you’ll be including dry cleaning with your order and other miscellaneous information such as “Pick-up and/or delivery to doorstep as I won’t be home.”  As well as any other special instructions or additional information you’d like for us to know about your laundering needs.

Step 3) Next you’ll provide your billing address and Pickup/Drop off Address and payment method.

Step 4) You then place the order.


Its normal for first time customers to provide their laundry in plastic trash bags or some other type of bag. It doesn’t matter, as your clean professionally folded laundry will be returned to you packed into nylon bags to be used in the future.


#2…Do I have to be present when the pick-up/drop-off occurs and how does it work?

For the most part no.  If conditions allow for you to leave your laundry in a designated location where our drivers can access it; indicate that in the “Misc. Instructions” section when checking out.

Step 1) Leave your laundry in the designated pickup location.

Step 2) The driver will pick it up “as is” or transfer it to our laundry bags.

Step 3) Sit back, relax and begin focusing your attention on more pressing matters.

Step 4) Your clean professionally folded laundry, will be delivered in Greenerlaundry bags to the location designated in your order.

If you live in a building with a doorman; sometimes the building will allow you to leave laundry with them. That differs by building. As long as you’re within our service range, we’ll try to accommodate whatever pickup/drop off process works best for you.

#3…Do you offer service where I live?

If you’ve reached here, the answer is probably yes.  However; if you want to be sure, simply type your zip code into the service area tool.

#4…How often will my clothes be picked-up?

It’s up to you! You’ll be provided with information about how to take advantage of discounted rates and instructions for setting up reoccurring service after placing your first order.  Many customers choose weekly service others select every other week, there are cost benefits to selecting either one.

#5… How far in advance do I have to notify that I need a pick-up?

The scheduling tool dictates the latest time for you to place an order in your area; in short if you can order it, we’ll be on it!

#6…What time can I expect my laundry to be picked-up and dropped-off?

Pick-ups and Drop-offs occur  Monday thru Saturday during the following times:

06:00am and 08:00am

08:00am and 10:00am

10:00am and 12:00pm

The driver is aiming for the earliest possible pick-up/drop-off times. In other words, if you selected 06:00am – 08:00am unless otherwise indicated in the “Misc. Instruction” section of the order form, he/she will be trying to pick up your laundry closer to 6:00am.


#7…Should I be worried about somebody taking my laundry while left outside?

No.  While we offer no guarantee against such risk; we’ve found this not to be a problem.

#8…Should I be worried about the weather when leaving my laundry outside?

No, for the most part, you can count on through rain sleet or snow. To that end, while we can offer no warranty to laundry left outside, we attempt to ensure folded laundry is delivered to an area protected from the weather or deliver it in a manner which protects your laundry form the elements.

#9…What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Visit and hit the chat button.  Be prepared to provide the order number from your invoice, and a representative will help to resolve your issue.

#10…How do I pay for service?

The corresponding minimum charge is authorized as part of the order process. Once weighed you’ll receive an invoice for the final cost; which will be billed to the card provided.

#11…Do you do alterations, leather, etc?

Not usually. However, accommodations can be made. If you’d like for us to consider alterations say so in the “Misc. Instructions” section of the order form.

#12…What if I refer a friend? Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. offers new and existing customers many opportunities to save, including referral discounts.

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