Residential Pricing.

We have an appreciation for competitive pricing. That’s why we focus on ensuring our solutions are better than a service and that our rates our better than the rest.

  • First Time Rate known as our:   “20 for 25 !”
    • In other words the first 20 lbs of laundry is covered by $25.00.  Additional weight is charged at $2.00  per lb. (Rate excludes the laundering of quilts, rugs and other irregular items. Some out of network areas may incur a delivery charge calculated during checkout ) 
  • Recurring Service Rate
    • For residential customers looking to retain our service on a regular basis, we don’t list a rate.  Instead, we highlight two features available for returning customers:
      1. A representative will reach out to share recurring service rates and benefits for your area.
      2. For the most part we price match.*

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Residential Laundry Service, Laundry Pickup and Drop Off Service, Wash and Fold Service
  • Dry Cleaning/Pressing
    • Dry Cleaning Concierge service is an added benefit for those relying on our Residential Laundry & Linen Solution.  When placing an order for the Residential Laundry & Linen Solution if you select to includ dry cleaning in the billing form, well assure desginated items are Laundered, Dry Cleaned and professionally pressed according to the garment instruction listed on the items.
      Shirts  $        3.50
      Shirt/Blouses  $        5.00
      Ties  $        3.00
       Fine Shirts & Polos  $        4.50
      Sweaters  $        7.00
      Skirts  $        6.00
      Pants  $        6.00
      Sport Coats  $        6.50
      Jackets  $      12.00
       1 Piece Dresses  $      13.00
       2 Piece Suits  $      14.00
       Coats (wool & downs)  $      14.50

      (excludes pricing for coats, cashmere, silk, suede, leather, regular/down comforters $25-$35, hats, purses, specialty items, etc.)

To learn more about the process, visit the FAQS pages.

*While we aim to provide customers the best value, retains the right to not price match. 



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