Residential Laundry Service

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Our Residential Solution is ideal for the on the go urbanite, families of all sizes and pet owners alike.  We’ve never met a load of laundry we didn’t like, as every load is thoroughly cleaned, professionally folded and packaged tight.

To learn more about the process, visit the FAQS page.

Here’s the skinny on the rates.

First Time/On-Call Rate is referred to as our:   “20 for 25 !”

  • In other words the first 20 lbs of laundry is covered by $25.00.  Additional weight is charged at $2.00  per lb. Returning customers qualify for reduce rates and benefits see rates for details.

9 reviews for Residential Laundry Service

  1. Carleton Syph

    This was a pretty good service. I wanted to know do you provide regular service

  2. dingocbs1

    Testing the review while logged in.

  3. carleton

    I think what we’re trying to do is ensure that only customers who submitted a review received a discount

  4. TestingComment

    This is a review process with basically no controls

  5. gottawork

    Okay so now this should have the controls around review that I want. Anyone can leave review that gets past the recaptcha. However now discount it sent until I manually approve it.

  6. Andrew manocheo (verified owner)

    I wish I had started using this service YEARS ago!!! I am VERY HAPPY with the on-time pick-ups/deliveries, quick turnaround, and perfection in terms of cleanliness of laundry and the folding!!!! The idea of going to a laundromat seems so insanely foolish and a waste of time now that I know there is a reliable, trustworthy, and higher-quality alternative.

  7. Tina (verified owner)

    wonderful job!! Pickup and delivery was on-time. The laundry was done well.

  8. Nyisha Haney (verified owner)

    Excellent folding and the utmost professionalism throughout the process! I definitely recommend Greener Laundry and will be using their services again in the future.

  9. Lynda Winters (verified owner)

    I will never use these services again. I was over charged and when my laundry was returned to me it smelled like mildew as if it sat in a bag overnight and the items were still wet and I requested for them to be dried. It says $25 for the first 20lbs. I was told that my laundry was 22lbs. Instead of being charged for the 2lbs I was charged an additional $25 plus $4 per item. I paid a total of $86 for 8 items. And the items were returned wet and smelling like mildew.

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